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There is a place where the Buffalo (flesh of earth, the light that grows, the four sacred directions, where we do) roam, and my heart does know how to roam, to be across the rolling hills, to eat of the green grass and know my fills. I am nourished by this love, the place, where I live inside the dark, the heaven calling, to fill me up. We the Rainbow Clan do know (how to drink from this spiritual cup), that we are part of this sacred show, where the Horse (soul of heaven, the heart that knows) runs wild and free, to be with Warriors, the Dog (rainbow warrior of prophecy who stands their ground) who bleeds (follows the red road, the law of love, where the fighting is for the unification of the broken heart, to bring the warrior up).

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Face Painting, Buffalo Dancing, Black Triangles, Bear and Axe Interpretation by White Buffalo Calf Woman

Cassandra said...
I had a native young man around 28 at least dancing with A BUFFALO ON HIS HEAD DANCING WITH A WHITE FEATHER IN HIS HAND and tossing grass up in the air. HE HAD BLACK TRIANGLES ON HIS FACE AND LINES then after he HE WAS CARVING A BEAR WITH A AXE. APRIL 5, 2011 4:12 AM 

White Buffalo Calf Woman Twin Deer Mother said...

Aho Cassandra,
Looks like you are sharing a dream and seeking interpretation. I love this imagery or dreamscape, because it shares so much with the world. Really showing how the complexities of overlaying colors and equations can get pretty confusing in the mind. Our thoughts can't make it all out or see clearly what is blowing in the winds all around us.

You can email me directly for dream interpretation, vision exploration or spirit flight at, your devoted servant and elder crystal child (reading truth to each book of life), "crystal rivers flow from my eyes", in other words, I can sea all the rainbow colors, through sound and voice, feeling, knowing, trusting.  This is the power of the crystal child.  Each rainbow color has a power or great gift to offer the world. Each perspective shares part of the Oneness of G_ah_d, the utterance of heavenly transmission, God.  This nomenclature; Gd, no heaven arrived yet, as Jews cling to this knowledge on the eastern shore, star of david or the crystalline form is born, the soul of the child is seeded, the sun (crystal child) or rainbow colors (rainbow mother).

Now for your interpretation . . .
1. native young man around 28
2. dancing with A BUFFALO ON HIS HEAD
4. tossing grass up in the air
6. then after he HE WAS CARVING A BEAR WITH A AXE.
  • 1. native young man around 28 
-I often hear of people (spiritual entities unseen) who appear at this age or even will answer with 28, which means the unity of holy or the soul and flesh or blue cross red roads, find blissful union.  This represents the circle of life or an orb, the state of One at birth. We rise up in the world on the western shore to greet the Morning Star (eight sacred directions, here I stand). Our inner light a glows, a light from within, the soul seeking to find refuge in the garden of paradise.  When you add up 2+8 you get 10, which means the aqua sky.  We are embraced by the sky.  We are embraced by the Oneness on our cycle of life, which is often referred to as the Circle of Life.

-The Native speaks about (means) the Twin Child, one who can understand you, the wise one just off the blue road (soul elder, sioux eldest cling to the western shore), the heavenly path before arising on the red road or our physical world, the earthly path. Males represent light or the rainbow spectrum.  A native male shares with us, the riches of our soul, with a birthing reality of earthly dedication to the law of love upon the red road.
  • 2. dancing with A BUFFALO ON HIS HEAD
-The term BUFFALO is a male term again.  Bison is the beast of the Native American Cow relative, either female or male.  Buffalo is representative of light or rainbow colors, the brotherhood of mankind. When one dances, we show respect and admiration to the world, a living prayer, we stand up to rejoice in the creation of all things or "Godly". Also the Head is representative of the SOUL. The Soul (head, female principle or heavenly blue road) does ride on the Rainbow Colors (buffalo or light, male principle or earthly red road). Dancing united, means one starts the journey on a dream, the yellow road appears. "All feels near, heaven and earth carry no fear, all is purified and aware, dreaming, journeying as I go, I flow!" To flow a Soul of One must lean towards the rolling over, from one stepping stone lesson to the next and over the rainbow we grow (up or ascend).

-Dancing offers one a chance to unite heaven and earth within one's self. Magenta child, must do this to relieve the heavy burden of the flowing lights and sounds, each day, dance and sing away. Great joy and happiness overflows within. Often the Magenta child is a great teacher of dancing, especially the Native American Dancer. Here/Hear our soul (music) and our flesh (dance) come to unite.  This is the crossing of the blue road with the red road, to find the yellow road, where dreams come true. Often in drug use, we experience euphoria or exploration of the universe.  Well that's deep, the dance (over-exertion) can offer you this trance state, to go beyond physical capabilities, to the psychic experience. This is a place, where, we come alive to this awareness, to be all part of the greater wholeness of God's embracing spiritualism, "Divine" or what we call it around here on the hoops, "Greatness".  We are this great spirit. What was separated, heavenly soul or shadow (gray or grandmother space, web), now is united to our world of the earthly flesh or color (rainbow clan, streams of colors).

-The white feather is the flight of all colors, often referred to as the bear in the sky or the star returning home, even the Grandfather, who is the rainbow color, white child or star child. This is the babe from heaven learning about the rainbow colors. A soul must emerse one's self and bath in the light or rainbow colors, to understand a language.  The eventual recognition of the star language, either through song or imagery (the more ancient, the more imagery), will announce the new books of life, lie in the heavenly realm, where the access of knowledge is for all beings.

-Feather is flight as I said earlier, but I want to share with you more about this subject.  The feather is a stem with lines leaning outwards bilaterally (united, but separated red and blue roads), curved and lie in layers. A single feather is used in prayer to move smoke around us in a circular fashion, almost to embrace the person receiving the prayer smoke.  This movement represents flight on the crystalline stone river, where we flow together and apart, the shadows or grayness of Grandmother space, the sacred web of the crystalline stone river, which we all dream about.  The feather shows us how to curve and lean on the elipitical path, rolling over lessons or stepping stones (crystal stone of one) through prayer blessings of water and fire, where smoke arises from purification.  Here one is able to receive instead is great wisdom, the great treasures (rainbow colored crystals, diamonds, gold and pearls).  Hear (repeating the story, the validation of the received signal of the voice) the roll over, the bow of humility (blue road, heart wisdom) is not who is right or wrong, but who fights to unite broken hearts, for LAW is LOVE upon the red road (intelligence), where brotherhood (golden dream) can be known. The feather reminds us always, that the law of sound, booming rings around you, the embracing heart begins on the heavenly blue road.

-White Feather in his hand, we find that all the rainbow colors are in flight, together united, but apart. Each doing their part to hold us unified, like a perfect mathematical equation, that never fails, for love is the singularity forever and ever. A hand offers one a gift, the treasure, the blissful heart that understands your pain and the stout hearted who will stand up for you to gain, when you have lost your prayers.  Relatives care for one another. Caring is the embracing factor of the spiraling soul journey. We call this LOVE, the bowing of the RAINBOW MOTHER, who gifts to us our SOULS.  The eternal holiness of the eagle, who's talons peirce our hearts, to grab hold to devour you into pieces, to totally love you.  To bring back what was lost, the purified heart.  This imagery is represented by the infinity icon (mathematical symbol used in present day languages) or a sideways eight. This is the unity of two (the soul and the flesh) flowing together. Here all life begins (atoms), before the four (red greets green) sacred directions are formed (including evolution), the four rainbow colors clothed by all beings seen or unseen. By the way, the lavender child, our Holiness around the world, purify our rainbow colors each and everyday.  They bring their flowing love and law that binds us together, the dark unseen and the light seen together, whether we like it or not. Whether they like it or not. Because this is the power and function of the lavender child, to bring us eternal love and to birth atoms of light, learning one day to bind together or cling to others. Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star is our elder lavender child.  When looking into their light stream, you can only sea fire.  Purification of the rainbow colors, seen and unseen, must be bathed in fire. Just like when we wash our hands in water to cleanse and remove debri and bacteria.  The same is resolved when we wash our hands in fire to cleanse and remove impurities.  Here we stand cleansed by the great WHITE FEATHER dancing in the winds, his hands free to share the purification of rainbow colors (light, seen luminous and unseen numinous) through spiritual development.
  • 4. tossing grass up in the air
-Grass is green, the color of the reflective crystal or vision from the inside out. Here it's dark lieing, where the soul resides within, yet offering a vehicle to lead others towards their own spiritual flowing journey or river of life. Grass grows where water flows. You will notice especially after a rain fall (rainbow). Grass grows on all places high or low, where a heart will sow.  Green is the fourth rolling hill, meaning the embrace or circle of life is embraced. By taking the step towards the red road, the holy smoke can arise, where rainbow colors fly in the sky. Between the two worlds, heaven and earth, the spirit can soar on the yellow road. Tossing the grass offers the illusion and dreaming for others to follow and to adore, the bounty of the rain, rainbow, roll over, lessons, treasures, stories, life in a garden even if for one day. Another thing, the pipe tells of a similar story about the red bowl (fire holds together) and green grass (green medicine) come together, to bring the heart's soul and the flesh body, our rainbow colors in one place.  We light the fire to purify our souls (gray dreamscape), to purify our rainbow colors and to unite them together on one journey, learning and seeking answers and experiences along the way, to share and grow forever. Delighting in the wonderland we can explore eternally through all the rainbow colors, in ourselves and through each other. In the air is where one will find rainbow colors that are in flight, headed somewhere, like the salmon's journey shares. We find comfort when we are embraced.  The green river shows us that the crystalline river starts where our heart lies. And that our breath offers us a vehicle to make our dreams come true, if we seek out the red road and use the law of love to guide us forth, forever flowing as ONENESS.

-Star of David (Jew, intermittent) are triangles representing the star (crystal sun).  The Morning Star (Sioux, constant) are triangles representing the star (rainbow mother). These two overlay each other in the perfection of the rainbow colors and it's singularity, LOVE.  The spiraling path over the horizon bilaterally is the united spectrum of the webbed circle of life.  Triangles offer reflection and curved space.  A square/rectangle/four sides, can be divided into two triangles, offering it the ability to bounce or roll over sound or light waves or frequencies. This is the echo one feels in an empty river basin or canyon. This is the story that is repeated and validated. Someone is caring about the sacred words that come from your heart, even in anger and in pain. Reflection offers us the leaning towards each other, to embrace and know love before all intellectual things of the world. Our hearts reside within. Our minds play an integral part to our realization, to bring the true soul to fruition in the rainbow colored garden we live in, a patchwork of the blanket of life.  This shifting blending is what Grandmother, a gray child does for all of us. Embracing and awakening to the children's needs, when the lesson arises, to feel embraced, to once again, be gifted the lift we needed and courage to go for our dreams.  Grandmother treats each child as her favorite, because it's each child who clings to her fabric. She weaves us together like a spider and vicious to protect her young grandchildren, even against the father of any house who's mind reigns above his heart. On our face, let alone his face, remember male is representative of the rainbow colors and red road, the earthly flesh...on our faces, are lines of happiness and sadness. Of joy and pain. Of riches and sorrows. Of wounded hearts and blissful lust for life.  These earnestness come into being to radiate from our faces. Each line and wrinkle sheds meaning to the world around us, our dreams and our vision in all our days.  As we walk around in a daze, with all this confusion, we think and ponder on the riches, we each wish, pray and seek to find our hearts. To radiate a light from within, the place where brotherhood can reign. And where sisterhood can show meaning to the opposition and shouting out to righteousness, to show love lives here. We hear and feel dazed, but we stand, even though others may not understand our hearts. We pray that one day, our family of the rainbow will return to our hearts, a place within a light does shine.

-Lines only go to show you, how confusing all of this spectrum of the dreamscape can be. But dreams are born to be impossible and through our striving we find possibilities to go further and become stronger, in our fortitude to know true love's calling on the river of the rainbow.  Here where the colors and imagery cross over to our reality, the dark (unseen colors, sound and rhythm, "I feel therefore I am") and light (seen colors, intelligence and mind, "I think therefore I am") flow next to each other and repeats over and over, to produce the singularity of Oneness in Gray space or Grandmother space, the gray child, who holds us together in all our dreams.  Each rainbow color seen, must have the last color gray (part of four rainbow colors).  This pole allows us to dream together in one place. She holds us while she shimmy and shakes, rattles and rolls to get the grandchildren along the way, towards the path of the heart, allowing all dreams to find it's course.  This means, we all carry gray or grandmother space within each of us. We are tied together, animal, plant and rock as relatives upon this world, our universe we share in dreaming. Don't forget, a triangle is formed with three sides.  When a fourth side is unseen or dark, the two triangles (a rectangle can be divided into two triangles) allow light and shadow to be in one place, united on the curved space of the crystalline stone river, the four sacred directions.  This allows the light to flow freely, the physical world. This allows the dark to flow freely, the spiritual world.  United, but separate, like our shadow always following us, whereever we go. We are the expressions of the reflective surfaces bouncing off each other, our relatives in space and time. We once again are dreaming.
  • 6. then after he HE WAS CARVING A BEAR WITH A AXE. 
-Breifly we talked about the BEAR above, the star of heaven, returning home.  We think of elders on the tree of life as branches who hold the leaves or relatives who fly (feathers) in the winds. Prayer flags represent the returning, the treasure from the lesson.  From the northern sky, we follow the path eastward until we find the white light of the father nation, who blinds us with devotional stories and great adventures.  From babes, we journey to where the star in the heavens do shine. Outwards the rainbow colors of the white light is submerged in the crystalline stone streams, to the rivers and finally back to the oceans of the stars.  It is the heavenly path that lingers inside of us all, the very soul that wants to be birthed in righteousness.  For it's an axe which can shatter a crystal, divide it's creation into separated parts to work more productively and causing tools to be formed.  The axe divides the wood, the law of love that binds us to the blue road of the roots that cling and to the red road of the branches that bend.  Hear we feel the winds, check the condition of our journey, look for smoke signals as warnings and listen with our hearts. For near, "I stand" is the eternal ears of consciousness, the very vastness of eternal heaven.  This is the place I communicate my dreams, over the rainbow colors, my voice and story will travel beyond the stars and back again to the garden of paradise where the realization can be experienced and thriving does occur. It is said that light travels 186,000 miles per second.  Yet sound only travels 600 miles per second on earth, but in the vastness of open consciousness or grandmother dreamspace, we are so much faster than light.  It's the rooting of our souls that holds us to the stepping stone or the place our journey resides on the crystalline stone river, of course depending on our rainbow colors. However, it's our souls, which can break free to fly faster even than thought to places we can only dream about.  This is the BEAR, the star who divides creation, to implant it to new rivers, to watch it grow, to return to the heart of loving the soul and the hearts of the rainbow family.  Through the GREAT WHITE LIGHT, the STAR shines to bring us the rainbow crystalline stone river, forever willing to bow and bend towards our dreams, to where the center is always here, hear in my heart, I sing the music, joyfully running home to once more love you again. "I am enthraled by your passionate returning to me. I am happy to see your face. My heart breaks in overflowing joy. I smile.  My tears run to know the tools of light, the power you claim, when you come near me.  Your rainbow colors, I adore."

-When we carve, we divide into parts. To help bring the journey to an experience.  It's like a puzzle with it's many pieces or a machine with it's diverse parts. Each part has a meaning. Each part has a function. Each part has greatness.  Each are part of the whole in our shared dreams.  Destruction is part of the world to allow rebirth to come in once more.  But as we learned to create and destroy in the second phase of evolution, the orange rolling hill in time, we are departing, we also are prepared in the understanding of the purification process for the rainbow colors, our physical world.  WE are entering the third phase of evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time, we begin to understand that destruction or spiritual cleansing through fire, premempts all creation.  This would be like blessing land before building on it or destroying all that lives there, to bring in a richer culture that was there before.  We are constantly evolving and through destruction and purification, we can always find the rebirth.  The anew, like the green grass grows, we find through carving our spiritual realization on the journey of rainbow relatives brings to us satisfaction in a job well done.  Creation gifts.

Oh key doe key (fly open, journey free), that looks like that's the end of this interpretation.  Thank you for sharing your vision and dreams with us, from the winds that fly free to seek answers and liberty for all the rainbow clan to sea.

For other gifts from me, your Sacred Woman, please visit  To hear Heart Songs and Rainbow Colors requests, visit (written mostly) and (recordings).

your devoted servant sends love and blessings for nine sacred directions on your path,
White Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka, walking song or holy interpreter, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

ps. added article for you I found with some (interpretation by me, White Buffalo Calf Woman).

Health and healing are among the most important concerns of Native American ritual. It is essential to understand the concept of health other than in the terms of Western medicine. Many Native American cultures understand illness not as the result of some biochemical, physiological, or psychological malady, but as a sign of disorder in society or the world, which is then reflected in the illness of an individual (clan oneness versus individual one). Diagnosis thus consists of discerning the status of the community or the world. Healing requires repairing or restructuring these environmental concerns.

Lakota Plains Indians Healing

Bear Dreamer Society is composed of Lakota medicine people whose specialty is curing the severely wounded. Anyone cured by these medicine people becomes a member of the Bear Dreamer Society. The leader of the society is one who has had a dream about the bear and knows the use of the bear medicines (rainbow colors blue child and white child often dream of bears).

Bear Dreamer Society healing takes place in a tipi whose floor is covered with sage (sage purifies bacteria and viruses). Society members sing and beat round drums, while members who may have different types of medicine dance about the wounded patient. Suddenly the leader comes growling (Thunder of the flowing Rainbow Mother) through the tipi entrance. He is painted red except for his hands (red road or physical body, the rainbow colors where law of love presides), which are painted white (united rainbow returns or Grandfather Star). He carries a knife, and if a dog is present during the ceremony he may kill it and eat it raw (this is representative of a fierce warrior, one who tears apart impure flesh or rainbow color, not a literal dog.  Remember a knife carves or directs the journey through destruction or through the spiritual purification process.). The leader faces all four directions as the other members move the wounded person to the place of honor at the rear of the tipi (embraced, comforted and loved) and apply healing roots to his body (roots reach into the earth, bringing forth the heavenly blue road, where tears reign, rain and bows).

The Ghost Dance was actually a religious revitalization movement started by the powerful healing
medicine person Wovoka (Jack Wilson) among the Paviotso in Nevada. While experiencing a high fever,
Wovoka saw the Christian God and was told to carry the message of end times to his people: the dead
would soon return, and the intruding White people would be annihilated (First of all medicine is delivered by woman (receiving) and never man (gifting), secondly the dead are those who do not use their own hearts, the blue road, which was a shadow for so long, now awakens in our souls.  And thirdly, the annihilation of the impureness of the white or rainbow clan, not the white or father nation and least of all the star returning as an elder from heaven, the bear. This is why interpretation is needed by a crystal child. And at least other dreamers who share their stories, help to get all the facts correct, but more importantly who is right or wrong matters not, but who is dreaming what and sharing with who. This is the sure sign of brotherhood, the sharing of our dreamspace, both conscious and sleeping. For it's all one place, dreaming in Grandmother's web or circle of life).

The 1890 Ghost Dance spread primarily to tribes who lived east of those influenced by the Ghost
Dance of 1870, never reaching western Oregon. Among the Plains tribes, the Ghost Dance of 1890 was
a factor in the last clash with the U.S. Army at Wounded Knee, where hundreds of Lakota men,
women, and children were massacred. The Wounded Knee Massacre effectively ended the millennial
expectations of the movement, although Ghost Dancing has persisted to the present as a dance form
among some tribes.  (Ghost dancing was feared by the Father Nation, the white children, because during our evolutionary period, many Native Americans, the red children, practiced Dark or Bad medicine, often harming rather than healing others.  Many secular religions still practice today rituals that harm others.  Now it's time for us to reconstitute the value of the Ghost Dance, where true love's calling does the bidding of the healing and purification process of the spirit, soul and flesh, where the three roads collide, making all rainbow rivers suicide, for those who do not bow  or the impure beings trying to not follow the law of love.  The law of love stands fast. But evolution has a way of bringing to us, what is needed when.) Excerpt from

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

kati said...
I've been having a dream of seeing a native American with the color white-red-white stripes painted on his face. Can you help me identify it, many thanks, Kate  MARCH 5, 2011 8:38 AM 
White Buffalo Calf Woman Twin Deer Mother said...
Aho Kati, White (Husband) is the returning star of heaven, the soul within seeking the path where it began, in Wife's arms. Red (Twin Child) is the reflection of white. In the Morning Star arrangement, the Red is dark colors of the rainbow. This is where the world began, in storytelling and traveling afar, shore to shore, star to star. To have the Red nestled inside the White means, the reflection of rainbow colors, begins on the Red Road, where LAW of LOVE presides. You will receive the lesson or the treasure, depending on if one can bow to the lessons of love. Identity to a tribe is not responded to, however, the story is the star language which Native American's bring to the world at large.
your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman elder crystal child, wakan iyeshka, walking song or holy interpreter Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy AUGUST 15, 2011 6:37 AM 

There is a place where the Buffalo (flesh of earth, the light that grows, the four sacred directions, where we do) roam, and my heart does know how to roam, to be across the rolling hills, to eat of the green grass and know my fills. I am nourished by this love, the place, where I live inside the dark, the heaven calling, to fill me up. We the Rainbow Clan do know (how to drink from this spiritual cup), that we are part of this sacred show, where the Horse (soul of heaven, the heart that knows) runs wild and free, to be with Warriors, the Dog (rainbow warrior of prophecy who stands their ground) who bleeds (follows the red road, the law of love, where the fighting is for the unification of the broken heart, to bring the warrior up).

The Spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman Would Stand Upon Mother Earth

January 31, 2001

I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Nineteenth Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, would like to send a message to the People about Miracle, the Sacred White Buffalo, in Janesville, Wisconsin.

We have a prophecy which I've heard since my early years of the age of twelve that someday the spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman would stand upon Mother Earth.  At that time, great changes would happen to Mother Earth.  In 1994, Miracle was the first white buffalo to be born.  Now, eight have been born, signifying a great urgency!

It was prophesized that it will take many prayers to heal the global changes.  And through a ceremony we had with Miracle, we were told that she would also go through changes, color changes, symbolizing humanity and the Global Community.  She would be born white and then go through the changes of black, red, and yellow, finally returning to her original white robe through the power of prayer.

We ask the people of the Global Community to pray with us for global healing.  In turn, when our prayers reach that strength toward positive change, we will also witness Miracle go through the changes of standing upon this Sacred Mother Earth as a White Buffalo once again, symbolizing peace and harmony.

In the Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no beginning or ending, may Peace be with you all.

Mitakuye Oyasin,
Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

There is a place where the Buffalo (flesh of earth, the light that grows, the four sacred directions, where we do) roam, and my heart does know how to roam, to be across the rolling hills, to eat of the green grass and know my fills. I am nourished by this love, the place, where I live inside the dark, the heaven calling, to fill me up. We the Rainbow Clan do know (how to drink from this spiritual cup), that we are part of this sacred show, where the Horse (soul of heaven, the heart that knows) runs wild and free, to be with Warriors, the Dog (rainbow warrior of prophecy who stands their ground) who bleeds (follows the red road, the law of love, where the fighting is for the unification of the broken heart, to bring the warrior up).