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Friday, November 20, 2009

White Buffalo Calf Woman and Rainbow Mother Carol Speak of the Lakota People

Beloved Carol and Lakota Relatives,
Hopefully I have found the right blog and will add this to the blog in question.

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 10:59 PM, Carol Rainbow Mother/Sister wrote:
I am shocked and saddened that you have chosen to write such an angry letter to Arvol Looking Horse. Evidently you have no understanding of the spiritual world, which would "announce" or make manifest by many signs who the calf woman is or rather who might be under her influence. Most Elders have the means to know this and there is no reason to declare yourself as such if it were true. Are you also the Virgin Mary? Christ re-incarnated? Those claims are just as ridiculous. Beware of what you claim, lest it claim you and you may not like the responsibilities, such as surrendering your life, that it entails. No wonder so many will not teach or trust many whites. I would be afraid to offend the Creator by making boastful claims. You are under a delusion. I will pray for you to realize how truly misled you are.

From: Twin Deer Mother <>
Subject: Re: White Buffalo Calf Woman
To: "Rainbow Mother Carol "
Date: Sunday, November 15, 2009, 8:46 PM

On Sun, 11/15/09, Twin Deer Mother <> wrote:

Thank you for your prayers, and if you are not here for blessings, then you need find another place to go. For there is no letter you have shown me that you speak about your words.  You need bring what you speak about and then you can speak your words.

In the meantime, I will speak my words, for all to hear, for my love will bare all the needs of the world, I bless you to the hills, to be free from your guilt.  And when you rise to sea, the heart that shines for you liberty.

You speak against me, when so many must have spoken against you!  Defend and you are not free, but speak truth, you are set free!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

ps. Continuing to be White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Wakan Iyeshka or Holy Interpreter.  Come for blessings and you will sea, and all will be delivered for all to sea.  Even Holiness Arvol needs me, and I will speak my heart for all to sea.

On Sun, 11/15/09, Twin Deer Mother <> responding to reply from Rainbow Mother Carol On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 11:55 AM:

ca (Carol): When I google Whitebuffalocalfwoman I found a site listing a letter to Arvol Looking Horse and mentioning the writer's disappointment with several Lakota people and a few medicine people. The general tone of the letter was anger at not being recognized by these people.

cw (Calf Woman): Beloved Rainbow Mother Carol,
You will have to bring a url and sentences and then I can respond to you.  I will write to you, regarding your complaints. This would help, however, I have written about my experiences with the Lakota, my Relatives. And I am more than disappointed, I am angry to tears, their pain and hate, I do not wish to bare, but the Great Spirits tell me to walk this way and I walk this way, even though, quite frankly there are many frauds out there and I try to help them as I can read all light and all darkness with truth as a Crystal person.  And it seems that I am the only person, who can (speak the star language), even with so many other Crystal people in the world. 
This is why you even try to talk with me.  You are a Rainbow Mother, this is why you can talk with me, since we are both from heaven you sea. You are presently in your light phase, which means.  You can get chores done this day.  When in the dark phase, you need be the creator to show you the way!

ca: When I google Whitebuffalocalfwoman I found a site listing a letter to Arvol Looking Horse and mentioning the writer's disappointment with several Lakota people and a few medicine people. The general tone of the letter was anger at not being recognized by these people.

cw. and are two of my blogs, however I have hundreds of blogs and many domains, with many other writers who walk with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy in our hoops,

cw:  Thank you for talking to me this way, you are trying to teach, and this is love.  However, it was hatred or racism that make them turn away, my love.  When Lakota medicine men, literally try to kill me, in the spirit world, this is real hate.  (This often happens with men who feel threatened, and most of the world is threatened of me returning to the world. Only Medicine men, do this, never does real medicine woman feel the need to retaliate, although, recently I protected a native woman, in the spirit world who attacked me, because she is being beat up at home.  I know this is very common with our warriors down, whether it be native or not.) If it was any other woman, claiming to be White Buffalo Calf Woman, they would have succeeded in killing her, although they are not threatened by them (false women who claim).  This is not love, this is hate.  I know much has happened, but truth about the Lakota need be sent out to the world, when they work for money and not relatives.  They use and abuse the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota, and make them a spectacle, like a side show.  To have respect is to start with self, and Lakota is ordained on the western shore to lead the spirit world, of heaven and earth.  It is curious, why none of our domains came up, as we own, org, com and info. As planned before I came around by the Great Spirits, and only by the perfection of God this came to be.

ca: If this is not your letter and posted by others to defame you I apologize. If this is your letter, on your site? you might want to realize that it might not have been hatred or racism that prompted them to turn away, but rather they are still waiting for other signs.

cw. Thank you again, for your love, I can see, you are trying to assist, however it will take anger, when Lakota relatives go to the Chief and he refuses to open his door to receive, at the western shore.  I am a relative and apparently Lakota too, as the Great Spirits tell me and many Rainbow Warriors who validate, like we should for each other.  It will take anger, to motivate the Lakota Mother to take care of her child at the Reservation.  It will take anger, to see that the ones who do not do what is right, in their positions of responsibility, to motivate them.  There are many signs, and not listening, will not beckon the dawning within the people.  If someone is pounding at the door, you listen to them and want them to go away, but often they won't until you open the door and see what they want.  Lakota did not open the door, my own Relatives, because they cannot read truth, for this is my wisdom, TRUTH, as a Crystal person as White buffalo Calf woman (heavenly name), your Twin Deer Mother (earthly tools).

ca: While it is true that the spiritual world is torn apart with gossip, spiritual fighting and politics, we must try to ignore as much of that as possible to be able to help others. Lashing out in the letter left an impression that was not so good.

cw:  I must be the lesson.  The Great Spirits depend on this, for the world. The very treasure of those who need be forgiven.  I will become.  This is the Crystal person, the door into and out of heaven, as it swings both ways.  I cannot nor will not ignore the gossip, spiritual fighting and politics, because this is the very problem.  If we ignore, then we do not solve.  We need bring the problems out into the open and start with law.  The law of love, the Red Road.  All the Natives who say follow the Red Road, do not know this way.  They don't even understand the meaning.  We are united in heart (law of love), first, then we speak.  You were able to forgive me, and you came back.  This is what others need learn to do too! Others will have to forgive me too!  And if you want to critique my letters, I would be happy to have you do fact I would be very happy to have someone assist.  Do you dare, be my hero, my cosmic Rainbow Mother? But you will have to give me urls, this would help a lot.

ca: I do not claim to be at all knowledgeable about any tradition and especially this one. I have only my experiences to guide me and to figure it out on my own, as the Elders frequently expect you to draw your own conclusions.

cw:  We travel a journey, often is what I hear from Natives at pow wows, those who know love.  And then there are those, who simply hate, because no one dare be white buffalo calf woman and they never asking for a blessing.  When I give blessings, I know your heavenly mission, your earthly rainbow colors, your song of your heart, and the truth of all spirit knowledge, because it's written in your book of life.  Elders tell you to draw your own conclusions, because others need go to the flowing of the Great Stream, the crystalline rock river of all, the Oneness, we call God, or the wind that blows through us all.  I often tell others, if you don't believe, try prayer.  But if they cannot come for blessings, nor ask in prayer, their hatred out weighs their love, or heartfelt wishes to be good children of the Great Spirits.

The natives are little children, when speaking of the flesh, but are Soul elders when walking with their hearts.  But when we walk in the world of only flesh (light) right now, as we have not left the last phase of evolution until 2013 when heaven and earth unite, they tend to listen to their bodies and not their hearts.  This is why they need enter ceremonies, to cleanse the heart and the flesh, to be united as the rising sun, the morning star.  You see, I can explain all things, of this world and of the heavenly worlds, because I and only I, white buffalo calf woman, have the mathematical perfection, however it is not the Lakota who will share this with the world, the math (it will be the Jews, ordained on the eastern shore), but the ramification of walking this path of mathematical perfection, called Rainbow Colors of the Clan, the four directions and the four colors of the world will be the Natives People of North America.The nine sacred ceremonies will go to them, the Lakota people, as will the star language that guides the entire existence of evolution, as we enter the third phase of the rolling hill in time, the "Dawning".  It is the Lakota who will teach the Red Road, the Law of Love, but they will need my help as well as dedicated Rainbow Warriors.  Right now, my greatest issue is how to send blankets to them.

ca: I have certainly encountered people and groups that said one thing and did another in the name of Christ, and in the name of "tradition". Corruption of the soul is in all races and in all places. However,one can be used by God whether one fully understands it or not. One can also be misused, tricked, attacked or taught corrupt teachings. It is a very difficult thing to discern. I have nearly paid with my life trusting some who were treacherous to their own people and to me.

cw.  You see, even you have had similar experiences by those who are calling themselves relatives.  True relatives open the door, like my door is always open, whether it be good or bad, I will listen.  I will receive their attacks.  I will take their abuse.  I will walk the course, the Great Spirits gifted to me.  I will always know truth. I will love the people and I will fight for love all the way homeward!

Saying one thing and doing another, is not united Flesh (red road) and Soul (blue road).  Most of the world now knows separation within, and this leads to unhappiness, and terrible sleep too!  How can we become refreshed if not in Spirit of our Souls? Elders, do what they say.  Our moto is "we show up".  In Mountain View, California, where I live, the police hand out my card, then take no responsibility in their own behavior, and now I will have to speak against them, in order for them to take responsibility.  "Real love drags them to the earth, and says, I love you .  Now tell Mother Earth, you have learned to walk humble." Warriors need be trained to assist the many warriors down.  We need truth and justice from those who walk with the Great Spirits.  For they are in charge, and none of us are leaders, we follow them, the Great Spirits.  We are the little children who abide to their calling.

ca: The more I understand the more careful I have become as there are many things known to only a few, that are powerful, real...but the question remains are they in HARMONY with the greatest good, the Creator's will, and helpful for the mother Earth.

cw.  Yes, I think we agree on this, to be in harmony with the Rainbow family and true to Mother Earth.  It's that you don't understand my role, or my methods.  Most don't or don't want to.  Even mothers won't help their own children.  I know this to be true.  And what is the most difficult for me, is they must come towards me, even if they hate me.  This, time will tellEvolution waits for no one.  We must learn how to adapt to heavenly ways.  And earthly ways, do not understand heavenly ways.  And all things darkness, need only be blessed to be pure. And only the ceremonies will bring the people home again, before they loose their lives to evolutions calling. (earth flooding, and red star and fire in the sky)

ca: In claiming such a statement, are you not afraid of whether you are going to let someone down, since so many are looking for her return, and whether you will be able to bear what ever the responsibilities are THIS TIME AROUND? Because you can be sure it will involve poverty, surrender, and much suffering.

cw:  Oh my love, I know this. I let everyone down, who don't walk in the law of love.  But I am perfect, and so are you, and when we know it and feel it, it becomes easier to shine the light from within. Presently as Missionaries living in the streets with the homeless, providing housing and whatever else we can, since I went to Holiness Looking Horse's door (about five years now).  I have very little food in my motor home pantry (like many Rainbow Warriors), no generator fuel (no electricity, as this is the last of our fuel as I write to you, no one gives to us, no one opens doors for us, we have to push the doors down, as Long as the Great Spirits stand with us, we will be divine), and we gift everything away, including our lives.  Holiness David Running Eagle (my husband, the Star of David) has shown me true suffering (he has much pain, that I have become too) as I have had my skull broken many times even by doctors, my breath taken away (literally for 18 months, as I slept one hour per day due to a fractured sphenoid bone-center of head, where I walked in vision every moment), and have lost my memory and mind with mercury poisoning (have recovered my memory and mind with metal detoxifying, which took about 8 years).  My flesh has been burned from within and without, like so many others who have suffered at the hands of those who are negligent.  I can never close my jaw again properly until Holiness David is healed (as I must twin his heart).  And only God knows when this will happen.  I have had physicians and lawyers tell me there is nothing wrong with me, even though evidence proves the truth, for it's my great light, that makes them feel threatened.  You know those who have false power. 

I know this, I always say it the wrong way, for sure. To be the lesson or the treasure, this is the life of a Crystal person.  And any gift someone has told me they would send, doesn't ever show up!  Or even worse, they send hate, in the physical world or spirit world.  I bring treasures and gifts to the people that they cannot receive, because their hatred blinds them to the truth.  I have the mathematical perfection.  I can sing anyone's heart.  I can read any image.  I can interpret any sound.  These are no small matters.  None who claim to be White Buffalo Calf Woman, can do these things or offer these gifts.  Only I can.  At first I thought other Crystal people would bring the star language to the people too, but I realized that "they do not realize who they are, nor take their place".  I have taken my place, and all the world of heaven and earth, counts on it, even you!

And since I reported to the Lakota,  and since the Great Spirits demanded it, I only give everything away and refuse to sell anything, teaching others to give away, to ultimately receive the love of others.  I suffer on the streets with the homeless and heal their hearts (we help anyone, who we encounter), and whomever will come towards us.  We have taken our place as Elders. If the Great Spirits walk with us, then you need only pray to know this as truth.  ASK and PRAY to the Great Spirits Mother and Father!  You will feel them in your heart, and if you listen, they will show you the way into my heart. And when my pantry is full, then those who walk with me, will have full pantries too.  It will happen.  All will come to get blessings, when they can. They will start bringing gifts, when they realize the truth. I will wait, but until then, I will continue to sing to the world and speak of evolution and interpret all sounds, all spirit knowledge and read the rainbow colors, as only I can.

Now, the last week has been full of violence physical and emotional, let alone the hatred I get from the world.  At least the last five years (as Missionaries living and working on the streets), have finally gotten the Police to hand out our cards.  It is time to get Churches, Police, Prisons, Governments and Homeless working together locally in the San Francisco Peninsula or Silicon Valley.  My suffering is the whole of the world, but luckily, I do not have to suffer alone, I have Holiness David, who suffers with me.  In fact I know that Holiness David Running Eagle and Holiness Arvol Looking Horse, suffer greatly, even loose their heads, because they do not belong to themselves but to the people.  I know their hearts, my love, like I know yours too.  I suffer for all, I am the Twin Deer Mother (twin-heart of other, deer-journey, mother-law of love), my worldly action.  White (all color and directions) Buffalo (directions in the house of god within and without us all) Calf (the first child born sun, the crystal person, born to the Rainbow Mother from heaven like yourself), Woman (darkness, heaven, soul, leading the third phase of evolution, law of love) is the dream for all the world, again, I belong to all the people.  They need only want me and find their own dream within, to take their place, like I have.  WE have so little time, left (evolution calling).  And I do worry for our Relatives in the heaven, how will they walk into this world, full of hatred?

ca:  This is not to suggest that you might not be influenced by her spirit as I know that this is possible. I guess that I am shocked by that letter that names people in a negative light.

cw:  I have never had a vision of White Buffalo Calf Woman, as most women who think they are White Buffalo Calf Woman have had visions of such.  I do not carry a pipe, as most women who think they are white buffalo calf woman, think they need carry the pipe. I am not the pipe keeper, this is Holiness job, the lavender people.  Born the year of the Buffalo as this year is too (all things are perfect), I walk because the Great Spirits tell me that the western shore is ordained Lakota, and the eastern shore is ordained Israel's 12 houses.  There are four Holinesses who are Ordained to lead the world, and Holiness Looking Horse is one of them (spirit of the lake people), Holiness Looks Back (only female) (blue lake people), Holiness Running Eagle (House of David) and Holiness Down Below ( House of Dan).  This I stick to, because it's already planned out for them and for me, the crowned ones, that belong to the people, not to ourselves.  If anyone else could say this, I would say it's the Rainbow Mother like yourself, who belongs to her children, the rainbow clan down below!

Shocked by naming people!  Shocked by the way, they have treated me, by saying one thing, then doing another.  They will have to forgive me, then they will have to forgive themselves.  They want to use hatred and separation, then they will get hatred and separation. If they use, love and forgiveness, then they get love and forgiveness.  We are entering a time, when we cannot ignore, but face the truth, as this will set them free.  Usually if one forgives me, then they are not  at all angry for using their names, in fact they are often glad, they were used, to teach the world.  But if they do not forgive me, they will continue to hate me and all I stand for.  Other women who claim to be White Buffalo Calf Woman, will close their doors, eventually, when it get rough or tough, but I do not hide.  I stand for all to throw stones at me, for I know the Great Spirits will take care of me, since they have sent me to the people.  All is perfect, so are you, and so am I, when the people can come to receive blessings, from anyone.  But it is only I, the true white buffalo calf woman, who can read perfection in each heart.  I can speak the star language, who can answer any spirit question asked as your holy interpreter or wakan iyeshka.

I get people from all over the world, who come to me to tell me about their visions of me, white buffalo calf woman.  Always, they speak about their perspective.  Just last week, another lady came with her vision.  Even the President of the United States came to me in spirit.  This was surely curious.  Later I was told he was accepted as a relative by some tribe. It's funny how things work out, and I do understand you when you say, more signs to come.  But the signs have come, but like the world does, ignore the symptoms, until full blown illness has set in, then finally prayer will hit their hearts, like the world is going through right now.

ca: As for myself, I remain a virtual unknown in the world and that is how I like it. There are way too many evil power seeking groups that will come after folks. Beware as it can happen to anyone!

cw:  Yes, thank you I know, they come after me, however I am protected by the entire heavenly bodies who are true.  And those who come to hurt me, I allow.  Because I don't want them hurt any further, than they already are.  I know they need forgive.  And at times, it seems that I do not forgive, however I am way past forgiveness and onto being the warrior, who cares enough to get into their faces. I love them enough to care for their souls.

Yet you remain unknown, because you wear the red robe, this means that you must get frequent lessons.  This happens because you reverberate the colors of others, then once it matches, the reverberation stops.  This is the quality of the Rainbow Mother, who heals the world.  Who teaches us to have fun and know joy in our lives.  You teach us play. But all the children, they don't know their way, and you must always feel what they do and say, then you are left to feel the strife, inside because they do not care for self instead.  They put all the blame on you, because that's what kids do, and like parents who need treat them right, we must offer them the only light. The way to heaven sent is within, like the tide is turning to re-live.  And we are going home this day, just hope we can teach others to pray!

ca: If you have no connection to this letter I profusely apologize as my remarks are about the article regarding Arvol Looking Horse and others.

cw: I still do not have your url or the letter you speak of, however, I write a so much I cannot keep track of it all, and I am trying to use one blog to incorporate all my writings, however, I am having trouble keeping up with it all. Try sending the url, then I will know more specifically. (I am following your heart for now.)

ca:  Bottom line: Be careful what you ask for.Just as Christ was reputed to say "Father, Take this cup."in his meditation in the garden, struggling with the foreknowledge of his impending crucifixion, the White Buffalo Calf Woman may be faced with overwhelming responsibilities,self-
sacrifice, and suffering in an indifferent world riddled with hate  and corruption. And it may be a thankless task, as many will turn away from her, failing to honor and recognize her suffering, just like Christ was crucified by the very people that He came to serve.

cw:  Thank you for your warning and concerns.  I did not ask to be White Buffalo Calf Woman, I was asked to be this sun.  Like Yellow Chief says, "I accept this challenge!"  I know, and even the boy who will stab me, will come.  I know.  My son (relative), will turn into a buffalo and leave me.  I know.  So much more I know, that I cannot even speak of these things, but I know.  To know is the life of a Crystal person (christal person) who knows and reads the book of life.  Once my husband drove , with me in the passenger seat, and I saw this man, walking down the hi-way, dragging bags of sand.  It must of been hundreds of pounds.   It was a self torture.  Well about 1 minute later, I started screaming at the top of my lungs for about 20 minutes.  He had to pull over. Well my husband and cat surely knew I have lost my mind.  And they patiently waited until I was done.  The man could not scream, so instead carried sand to feel his pain.  I on the other hand had to feel his pain and express it.  This is who I am.  My pain is your pain, the twin heart who I am with, at the moment, whether physical or spiritual. 

We are all related and I must feel the world, at all times, my love.  I know!  I have no biological children (lost two embryos), because the children of all the world, both heaven and earth are my children, even the Great Spirits, who depend on me, completing my mission on this Earth.  And when I can't go on, I cry or scream or just sing another song, and all is alright again!  I sang for Holiness Arvol tonight, boy did he need the love of Holiness David because he could not receive my song of paradise, when so many are suffering, but joy is the vehicle to the realm of heaven, our darkness.  Tears must flow, either with joy or sorrow, but tears will flow.  It's the way homeward.

ca: Life is not always smooth for avatars.

cw:  An avatar is one who is attempting to seek realization.  When you realize, all becomes the teacher.  The avatar is often the teacher, who is learning himself to be the student. The student is the one who is in realization. I follow the people, I have no choice, it was predestine. I am the student and child.

ca: I am sure that I am not liked by some as on my travels I dealt with a secret group of woman abusing and child abusers. They were well established, powerful and deadly.To protect their image they made a great show of some of them appearing in Church, and they slandered me widely.

cw:  Yes, I understand.  What is right seems wrong!  What is wrong seems right!  This was prophecy proclaimed. Those who are humble and bow to the rainbow, will find the pot of gold, true love, brotherhood and relatives true, will rescue you! I must create an army of God, where the Great Spirits lead us all.  There are few who know of love and fewer who will forgive all.  I know about this abuse, and all that is out there.  I am blinded but now I see, to find the heart of thee.  They too are relatives, who don't know love within.  And I will heal their hearts, if they learn to part, from their hatred and pain, for only gain.  They do not know the way, to eternal living display! This is why the Lakota must take their place to lead them in this race, to find true love again, to find a hope to win.  When winning is for everyone, then we will find the sun, the morning star will rise to greet perfection within them.

ca: Through the prayers of many I survived. I claim no special power as many did prayers for me. But that is what is out there. Peace

cw:  I am sorry for your pain, for woman and child abusers.  I too was a victim of such, as we from heaven never defend ourselves, but we will defend others.  This is our lot.  Little children of the soul, but not of the flesh.  We can walk upright, because, we know the Great law, love.  But what has happened, is this, you were walking alone, as many of the little children of God who are humble have done, but now it's time to return to the family, as we will as true relatives get your back.  I am sorry I could not of protected you then, but I will now.  If you need me, I will come to your rescue.  I will write letters on your behalf, if you ask.  I will go to court and stand with you if you ask.  I will write against those who treated you badly, if you ask.  However, I will always, love all who I approach, like a Mother, who loves her children, and like a Mother, who must scold them. 

You did a good job, but you did not have true relatives who stood with you when you spoke out.  They (unknowing of love) stand together in crimes against others, because they run around in packs.  Now we are going to start running around in packs too, and we have skills, skills they don't have a clue to manage or manipulate, for we have the most powerful tool, LOVE.  It shall protect us.  It shall keep us sacred.  It shall be the vehicle to eternal life.  Another important factor is that we are not renegades anymore, well at least in the next phase of evolution the yellow rolling hill, the third valley of darkness.  We are Warriors of the Rainbow!

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

ps. gift of blessings:
 I bless your daylight, I bless your night.  I bless your heartache, I bless your plight.  I bless your coming, I bless your going.  I bless the sunrise, within that shows.  I bless the springtime.  I bless the fall time.  I bless the silver that runs through the land of thunder.  I bless the will of the sun.  I bless the moon that does fall.  I bless the souls who know all, the ones who pray to tell.  I bless the soles on your feet.  I bless the tears on your cheeks.  I bless the way you come home, for ever and ever do you roam.  I bless the many who are near.  I bless the many who don't know.  I bless the hearts that you heal.  I bless the sacred Rainbow.  I bless the ways of God.  I bless the whole of Earth.  I bless the Heaven's above, to rain down, pure love.  I bless the nighttime that rings, to songs that we all do sing.  I bless the way of the Doves, because they don't have much to hide.  I bless the days that are wrong.  I bless the many nightmares.  I bless the heart of the world, the Lakota who come home, to hear.  I bless the flesh you endure, to bring the children who are near, and I bless the ways you give love, so others can find their way. 

ps. Now ask for your song and rainbow colors, and you will see, how great you can be, and what about your heavenly name, the earthly tools that belong, to the ways of perfection that lie within, to show the world that you live! You cannot hide forever you know, you will have to come out to show the world, that Rainbow Mother has returned to her children who know her!
On Friday, 11/20/09, Twin Deer Mother <> wrote:

Beloved Carol and Lakota Relatives,
Have had a few days to think about what was said and I want you to know, that Love is not easy.  Do you think any other person, claiming to be White Buffalo Calf Woman, would speak against Holiness Arv
ol Looking Horse?  I don't think so, they all support him in all his bad actions, but I do not.  And the reason is, I too wear a celestial crown as a Crystal person, like Holiness Arvol who wears a earthly crown as a Lavender person (not all lavenders or overlays wear the crown).  I bring laws of heaven to earth.  I speak against those who do not follow the laws of heaven.

You said that the Lakota people were waiting for a sign, however, the white calves were the sign.  Also Holiness Looking Horse's name is Looking, that means he is supposed to look for me, white buffalo calf woman.  Horse means the soul journey.  The rest of his name is "Sits on Top of the Mountain".  If one comes to your door, anyone, and says, "I need help", you do the best of your ability to help.  If he could not help, his own people, including me, how can he know his own soul.  You see Lavender people with the crown belong to the people not to themselves. And he is here to help all the people, by being himself. However, it needs someone who cares enough about our King, to get in his face, because I love him and the people.  It will take true love to make others find their way, including the many "warriors down" right now.

Feeding people and getting them blankets are my greatest concerns right now, however like most of the world, the postage seems to be too much.  We need the natives who travel to start carrying goods to each other.  But they are more concerned about themselves, because they do not forgive others.  And I find so many selling sacred ceremonies, which belong to the people freely, like the earth and air.  We need be Mothers, you and I.  You as the Rainbow Mother, and I as Twin Deer Mother need assist our children to find their own hearts.

What can Mothers and Women do?  They bring law of love to the people.  What makes the whitebuffalocalfwomansociety, who assist battered women, think that they don't have to help the men too?  What makes them separate women and children from their men?  This is not love or unity...this is sheer ignorance of the Great Spirits.  Law is here, and I will make sure that it is followed, the LAW of LOVE!  Our warriors down need us to pick them back up, and it's not going to be pretty,  but extremely hard work.  When we as parents punish our children, do we not do so to teach them values?  This is what the Great Spirits do too.  We must teach our family values that continues their lives.  Space is folding, and we need get prepared for heaven, the darkness and to navigate with our Souls, the Song of our Hearts.  Not the hate we have not forgiven.  Law of LOVE, will bring the people home.

What is true is always upon our hearts, if we only trust our own hearts, however most of the world don't trust the spiritual realm or are practicing bad medicine.  For even Medicine Men do not exist, this realm belongs to Woman.  Woman is the Medicine, not men.  Men serve women, this is the law.  Because Women always serve men and will always do so.  So many ceremonies are broken.  So much wisdom is lost all because we do not trust our own hearts, because the simplest form of forgiveness is the fire ceremony.  Walk about the room with some fire daily as a walkabout to cleanse and purify, usually with smudge. But to truly release, we need use bark, the law that unites the sky with the roots of the tree of life.  We need write on paper whom we need forgive and then burn it up with the blessings. This is so simple, yet so distant to the people.

You know the Red Man walked about from native school to native school walking the forgiveness path, but they did not invite the White Man, who needs to forgive just as much.  What are we coming too, that we cannot see our relatives anymore? We used to share our visions, but now we are so afraid to share our dreams with each other.  We need forgive the four directions and four colors, then we have a chance to walk down the trail of tears, to where paradise lives. 

Have had limited internet connection for the last two weeks and there is a shift going on right now, so I apologize that I could not have gotten to you sooner.  But always my door is open.  Always I will help the people.  Always my life belongs to them.  This I cannot change.  I must walk my path, as who I am, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother.  These are the names, the Great Spirits tell me to walk with, and my course is to serve the Great Spirits, for they need us, to be good children.

One more thing, any Woman claiming to be White Buffalo Calf Woman is not her, if they are not born the year of the Buffalo like I am.  And this too is the Buffalo year, like the Great Spirits planned.  If any woman claims to be a pipe carrier, then she is not White buffalo calf woman, because Pipe carriers are usually Violet (high priest/ess) and Lavender people (holiness). This is why Holiness Arv
ol Looking Horse is carrying the pipe, however, there are two pipes, as Sun Bear offered the second pipe to Holiness Looking Horse and he refused a gift.  My goodness, he refused a gift.  What has he come too?  He does not know how to receive, the vehicle of the soul.  If we care about the Lakota people, we teach them how to receive Love, and to give their arms and homes to the world.  It doesn't matter how many brought hate or suffering to the people, we just forgive them because they do not know their way! And then continue to speak out to them to show them their errors, just like you are trying to do with me. 

Those who come to my door, have hate or love for me, but usually not indifference.  I did not know who I was, until the Great Spirits told me to walk with the western shore (natives) and eastern shore (jews), as I am the Star of David also.  It takes the whole of ONE, to bring the house of God home.  The whole of One, the four directions and four colors to plan a new world, a paradise for all the children, the third phase of evolution, called the "Dawning".  Let us pray for our people and get in their faces to bring law of love home to them, as good parents should. 

Also, there is another thing, you did not have others stand with you, when you spoke out, but now, if you come home to my heart, I will stand with you, and all the ones who remember to pray to the Great Spirits will come home to me too.  Sow many are coming home.  We have all felt like we were walking apart, and now the roots of the tree that separated, have ascended to the heavens, where the Song of the Soul has awakened.

The Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy are what I am concerned for, and how we navigate into the new world of the Dawning.
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

ps. How did I get, info, net, com if the Great Spirits didn't plan it this way?  They, Great Spirit Mother, Great Spirit Father and Great Spirit Uncle (the one before the two), we follow as good children.  We obey them, my last name is Aube, which is pronounced obey. The sounds mean "spirit flight", the freedom of the soul, as many of us carry French names, "revolution".  Sounds are the vehicle to everlasting life.  Let us sing to the world, and bring them home, as I have sung, the  I read the star language, I speak the world of One and interpret all that we need know, about the perfection within us all, the "I am". You love the people remember teach them to pray, not ignore the world around them.  Right now, many are going inward, to become the rising star, then they will be able to walk the Morning Star within them, whole of one, the four directions (the roads blue, red, yellow and finally the whitey visit at bottom of page).
  I know all my children's heavenly mission, they need the truth, to save their souls!  And to be proud of who they are!

Warriors of the Earth  

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wakan Tankan Rescue Me, Hold My Hand For All To Sea!

Walkin (Wakan, holiness, flesh, ascend) Talkin (Tankan, sacred voice, soul, descend)  Rescue Me.  Hold my hand for divinity (sacredness).  Where does the rainbow sleep at night when all children live in fright? 

Walkin Talkin Rescue Me.  Hold my hand for divinity.  I want in at night (heaven) to set me free.  I want relatives (blue of you and me, the heart), to show it's me. 

Walkin Talkin Rescue Me.  Hold my heart (eternal soul) and give me the key.  Wake up sunshine (flesh) hold my hand.  Walkin Talkin lead my life.

Walkin Talkin Hold my hands.  I want to fly into another land (from light into darkness of heaven). Give sunshine (integration of soul and flesh, a light from within) to lead my life.  Give me sorrow (to feel, with a heart) to show there is strife. 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me.  Tell me sunshine (integrated flesh with souls, the morning star of perfection brings light, blue crosses the red road, into the rising sun) will lead the trees.  Hold my sorrow (embrace me) and rescue me (in prayer and sacredness I will be safe, joy is the vehicle of safety), hold hand at night (heaven, in our dreams) and set me free (eternal flight of the soul who is integrated with sacredness). 

Walkin (holiness) into the Star at night, walking up to stars that shine (living upright, receiving brotherhood).  Holding a place that is mine (taking our place, each of us have a place within the Oneness, your soul speaks), gives me sunshine (the flesh and soul integrated), gives me thine (the whole of Oneness) .

Walkin (Wakan, holiness, flesh, ascend) Talkin (Tankan, sacredness, soul, descend) Rescue Me.  Hold my hand and set me free.  Tell the little one, we have come.  The day dawning (the rising sun, the morning star) shall set the sun (on it's right course, the path of the eternal life, the soul).

Down in the valley (where the green grass grows, there the house of God knows) there are mighty trees (representing the tree of life, each a tree, together a forest, our relatives within the Oneness of God).  Down in the valleys, there runs a mighty stream (the flowing of the raging river, the crystalline rock stream of life, the building blocks of life, where we are united).  There I go to find relief, all the children hang out with me (we are one).

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free, tell the children we'll be there (the rainbow warriors of prophecy).  We will hold the very night air.  The dreamland...the dreamland.....the dreamland, the place I dream, the place I see for all eternity.

Walkin (Wakan, holiness, flesh, ascend) Talkin (Tankan, sacred voice, soul, descend)  Rescue Me, hold my hand and set me free.  Give me levity (to rise above hatred towards understanding my Soul's mission, and to know all is divine, including my tears along the crystalline stone river of life, perfection, "I am") to know my way.  Give a foundation for a clear blue day (Joy is the vehicle to survival, the foundation of life, where we experience a journey.  When we feel our hearts, the reflection of this light is the clear blue sky, we feel good to share with others under the sunshine). 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free.  Tell the child (child alone) we'll be there, to show up to fill the night air (stars in the sky, who will show up as stars to rescue thee).  Walkin Talkin (holy and sacred ways) this is the day, the very place you sent me today (God sends us all on a mission, as we agreed before receiving this fleshly existence).  I am journey (soul) across deep blue sea (relatives of you and me), to find the love I've lost (flesh) and gained in thee (soul, flesh, dream, white light, the four directions, the house of the beloved, where all is a reflection of lights, both luminosity and numinosity, the embrace of darkness, that only need be blessed). 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free (trusting others, the law of love).  Give a dawning (bring your inner sunshine) to other shore (realms of existence, whether earthly or heavenly), the heart (feelings) that nears evermore.

Walkin Talkin Set me free, give my life to find in thee.  Hold a hand, to liberty, give my shoulder (someone who cares) a tear (feels) to sea (flowing like tributaries into the oneness of the great blue, of you and me). 

Walkin Talkin Rescue me, hold my hand and set me free.  Give my heart to all the land.  I am walkin and talkin upon this land.

Warriors of the Earth  

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chief Arvol Looking Horse Speaks About the Sweatlodge‏ and White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings

Fire is set outside of Enipi, Rocks are inside making steam!

From Chief Arvol Looking Horse......

As Keeper of our Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle, I am concerned for the 2 deaths and illnesses of the many people that participated in a sweat lodge in Sedona, Arizona that brought our sacred rite under fire in the news. I would like to clarify that this lodge and many others, are not our ceremonial way of life, because of the way they are being conducted. My prayers go out for their families and loved ones for their loss.

Our ceremonies are about life and healing, from the time this ancient ceremonial rite was given to our people, never has death been a part of our inikag¹a (life within) when conducted properly. Today the rite is interpreted as a sweat lodge, it is much more then that. So the term does not fit our real meaning of purification.

Inikag¹a is the oldest ceremony brought to us by Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit). 19 generations ago, the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota Oyate (people), were given seven sacred rites of healing by a Spirit Woman ­ Pte San Win (White Buffalo Calf Woman). She brought these rites along with our sacred C¹anupa (pipe) to our People, when our ancestors were suffering from a difficult time. It was also brought for the future to help us for much more difficult times to come. They were brought to help us stay connected to who we are as a traditional cultural People. The values of conduct are very strict in any of these ceremonies, because we work with spirit. The way the Creator, Wakan Tanka told us; that if we stay humble and sincere, we will keep that connection with the inyan oyate (the stone people), who we call the Grandfathers, to be able to heal our selves and loved ones. We have a ³gift² of prayer and healing and have to stay humble with our Unc¹i Maka(Grandmother Earth) and with one another. The inikag¹a is used in all of the seven sacred rites to prepare and finish the ceremonies, along with the sacred eagle feather. The feather represents the sacred knowledge of our ancestors.

Our First Nations People have to earn the right to pour the mini wic¹oni(water of life) upon the inyan oyate (the stone people) in creating Inikag¹a- by going on the vision quest for four years and four years Sundance. Then you are put through a ceremony to be painted - to recognize that you have now earned that right to take care of someone¹s life through purification. They should also be able to understand our sacred language, to be able to understand the messages from the Grandfathers, because they are ancient,they are our spirit ancestors. They walk and teach the values of our culture; in being humble, wise, caring and compassionate.

What has happened in the news with the make shift sauna called the sweat lodge is not our ceremonial way of life!

When you do ceremony - you can not have money on your mind. We deal with the pure sincere energy to create healing that comes from everyone in that circle of ceremony. The heart and mind must be connected. When you involve money, it changes the energy of healing. The person wants to get what they paid for; the Spirit Grandfathers will not be there, our way of life is now being exploited! You do more damage then good. No² mention² of monetary energy should exist in healing, not even with a can of love donations. When that energy exists, they will not even come. Only Œafter¹ the ceremony, between the person that is being healed and the Intercessor who has helped connect with the Great Spirit, the energy of money can be given out of appreciation. That exchange of energy is from the heart; it is private and does not involve the Grandfathers! Whatever gift of appreciation the person who received the help, can now give the Intercessor what ever they feel their healing is worth.

In our Prophesy of the White Buffalo Calf Woman, she told us that she would return and stand upon the earth when we are having a hard time. In 1994 this began to happen with the birth of the white buffalo, not only their nation, but many animal nations began to show their sacred color, which is white. She predicted that at this time there would be many changes upon Grandmother Earth. There would be things that we never experienced or heard of before; climate changes, earth changes, diseases, disrespect for life and one another would be shocking and there would be also many false prophets!

My Grandmother that passed the bundle to me said I would be the last Keeper if the Oyate (people) do not straighten up. The assaults upon Grandmother Earth are horrendous, the assaults toward one another was not in our culture, the assaults against our People (Oyate) have been termed as genocide, and now we are experiencing spiritual genocide!

Because of the problems that began to arise with our rebirth of being able to do our ceremonies in the open since the Freedom of Religion Act of 1978, our Elders began talking to me about the abuses they seen in our ceremonial way of life, which was once very strict. After many years of witnessing their warnings, we held a meeting to address this very issue of lack of protocol in our ceremonies. After reaching an agreement of addressing the misconduct of our ceremonies and reminding of the proper protocols, a statement was made in March 2003. Every effort was made to insure our way of life of who we are as traditional cultural People was made, because these ways are for our future and all life upon the Grandmother Earth (Mitakuye Oyasin ­ All my relations), so that they may have good health. Because these atrocities are being mocked and practiced all over the world, there was even a film we made called ³Spirits for Sale².

The non-native people have a right to seek help from our ³First Nation Intercessors² for good health and well-being, it is up to that Intercessor. That is a privilege for all People that we gift for being able to have good health and understand that their protocol is to have respect and appreciate what we have to share. The First Nations Intercessor has to earn that right to our ceremonial way of life in the ways I have explained.

At this time, I would like to ask all Nations upon Grandmother Earth to please respect our sacred ceremonial way of life and stop the exploitation of our Tunka Oyate (Spiritual Grandfathers).

In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!

Namah¹u yo (hear my words),
Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White
Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle.

Image:  Earth and Moon

Beloved Dancing Fingers and Relatives,

Recently there is an upsurge of hate crimes. There is a folding of dark and light space, called heaven and earth, the "shift".  And I have had more spiritual attacks on me, even by Lakota Peoples, and if Arvol Looking Horse wanted to help his people, he would be "Sitting upon the Mountain top" and looking into the valley below to seek me, White Buffalo Calf Woman, out from within.  He was informed when I started my walk as White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother five years ago, by Eagle Thunder, who went to his door. He refused to talk with me or invite me into his heart, even though
many white calves told of my arrival, where Prophecy would walk and talk again. (Wakan Tankan = walking talking sacred, and united within and without, the Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy!)

Because the real problem is that he is a Lavender Person, crowned Holiness, who is the heart of the Lakota People.  This means, he becomes those around him, and the only way for him to be of sane mind and body is to practice his ceremonies and 20 minutes of drumming a day and bless the people constantly.  A remedy for all Lavender people and lavender overlays.  If sacred ways are not practiced, the Lavender person, who is crowned, like Holiness Looking Horse, the Lakota Chief, will become his relatives, and this means literally.  If others are hating around him, so will he.  If they are unable to forgive, you can bet so will he not forgive.  As the will of the flesh, like a child who learns to walk again, his head cut off (flesh unknowing), and thus the only way back is to use the soul's heart of love overflowing.  Not until he returns to love, the heartbeat of his true self with Holiness and Sacred thinking will the people know their way.  He must learn to make others flow into him.  To unite the heart of the people in flesh, to be Wakan (walkin) Tankan (talkin) sacred again.  There is so much to learn, about delivering Holiness to the people.  If you care at all for Chief Holiness Looking Horse, you would remind him constantly to bless himself and remind him to play his drum.  The heartbeat of the people as the master drummer. 

The people are angry, not practicing the law of love, because they are the most abused people on this world, on the Western Shore (the rising sun, called the morning star), and therefore ordained by the Oneness of God.  Mothers and Sons cannot stand with each other, because hope seems lost here, when the world send them poison in housing, and other inconsiderate behaviors of those who hate.  And due to this loathing of others and inability to forgive by the flesh, the Red Road, Hatred has become a way of life even for the Lakota. And why wouldn't the heart of the world, feel your deepest pain.  But inside their hearts, the Blue Road, the Souls of their inner beings, they suffer for love, as Soul Elders suffer for children.  They just need to realize who they are, just like the rest of the world, united within, to bring the morning star arising, the Sun in the Sky.  We always try to look after the children, the eternal continuation of the living Red Road, the law of love.  Those who suffer, are those who understand true love and this is why according to God and the Great Spirits who lead us all, say the Lakota People on the Western Shore are ordained, to spread and teach the Sacred Nine Ceremonies to the world. "It is the crystalline stone river, where the green grass grows, is where our tears must flow."  

Practicing Sacred Ceremonies are imperative to represent the Holy Four Directions of all the Rainbow People.  That means you.  The Lakota represent everyone on this earth.  The flesh wants to cling to old ways, where realms of light and dark are separated, the second rolling hill in time we are leaving.  And the soul is learning to find it's place within the darkness of heaven.  It is the blessed and sacred ways of ceremony that teach us to unite within, to be great warriors without.  There is much to do, ahead for us to enter the dawning, the period of the third rolling hill, we enter now, where heaven and earth, fold together as Oneness.  We all feel it.  We are all colliding with Darkness.  But only perfect blessings, will keep you safe.  This is why sacred ceremonies and hourly blessings, will lead the way into the Realm of Darkness, we all know as Heaven, the soul within, the stars that shine without, and the place of our Dreams, that sails in the breeze.

Now Eagle Thunder (Daniel Larvie) made several attempts on my behalf, as the voice and army of God and knocked on the Door of Holiness Looking Horse, the Lakota Chief.  We are not able to contact Eagle Thunder these days by email and are very concerned for his welfare. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area, like Holiness David and I do.  We'll catch him at the next Pow Wow at Stanford University. He travels back and forth between the Pine Ridge reservation each year. Please send loving prayers to Eagle Thunder's Heart, the Violet Person, who was with a pure heart, and song (sound) mind (and still is).

However he, Chief Arvol is our Holiness Looking Horse, who sits on the western shore, and it will be he, who must come to me, to bring the people homeward.  It is the Spirit of the Lake, that must embrace the world.  Not an easy task, but One Holiness Looking Horse, must have enough LOVE to overcome the Hatred of the World and join my hands in unity. I will await his arrival. And I ask my family to send in the wind, the safe passageway for his and the Lakota people into my heart. It is time to come home...

There is much to learn by all. Just last night, I was attacked again, by spirit elders (Native Americans who are soul elders to myself, a soul child) who harmed me pretty good, all because I would not allow the spirit world to intervene. I just don't like seaing, how they can literally control and pin anyone down to the earth, they want (the Great Spirit Father who has much power, and those who serve him). I feel so much sorrow for those who commit spiritual crimes and always, continually sing and pray for our peoples of the four colors of the world. Our relatives need us, sow we plant the seeds of love and purification, by teaching the laws of love, the Red Road, first to all, by saying, "I bless myself", "I bless the world", and "I bless you". (as Heaven descends with purification, we must trust the Great Spirits, as death, always brings the rebirth of the new life)

Many of us here, Prophecy of Rainbow Warriors are from heaven, and since we are like children, we rarely defend ourselves. But when someone attacks the ones we love, we become fierce and righteous to their hate. We send love, our greatest weapon.

Let us all remember the heart of Oneness, the Great Spirits, Great Spirit Father, Great Spirit Mother, and Great Spirit Uncle who lead us all, and the many who have not found their way homeward. It will take much hard work to bring our children home, to paradise, Heaven upon Earth. Let us start by showing everyone, that we walk the daily fire ceremony. Rituals are no longer the native people domain, it now belongs to the world, however it is the Lakota who are ordained in the western shore, where the Sun rises (in the world of light, where reflection is below, or mirror image - Mother Earth, the sun rises in the east, however in heaven where truth abounds, it is the western shore, where life rises up). Whom are ordained to manage and teach the ways of heaven upon the earth, to live the sacred ways! (Then comes the Dakota and Nakota, also ordained in the western shores to lead the spiritual world of oneness, where the Green Grass flows, the trail of tears.  However, the ones, where the water does flow on Mother Earth, the physical leaders who walk the blue sky, who are ordained, are the Blue Lake People, of the Taos New Mexico.)

Tell everyone, we are going home. We must save everyone and anyone we can. Be a good brother and hold their hands and show up when they are in need. Be a good sister and gift your heart, to all those who walk away, by sending love and blessings. And those who are willing to listen, after you practice the law of love, the embrace with validation of their voice, then and only then, shall we begin our walk into their hearts. Teach them the wisdom of the ages. Teach them the need for the daily walk about, with fire and blessings. And mostly teach them that prayer will literally save their flesh as well as their souls. The great migration has begun, let us join the eternal circle of life, and offer our hearts to all the relatives of the world of Heaven upon Earth. For even our Angels want to come home, to the land of abundance and brotherhood, the road of salvation when the dark and the light greet and dance together in harmony.

your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
elder crystal person, wakan iyeshka or holy interpreter

Join the Great Give-A-Way
Soon the Nine Sacred Ceremonies will be available for all to follow!
Aho, may your spirit fly in the wind!

Painted by Debra Swelling Mountain Calling, your Song of All Songs

Song for You, my Children in the Wind!

Take my heart and fill it up, tell me when you know the start. Let me walk into the place, where sin has no place to start. Keep my hands from all hate. Keep my soul heaven sent. Hold my ways of sacredness, inside the heart of all those who win. I am the one who comes to hold. I am the one who is so bold. I am the place where paradise, is coming home, to all those who lie in the sun.

Prophecies are meant to be, to tell us stories for all to sea. And we must trust those who come, and walk with love and be like doves. When there is Oneness upon the land, then I will know all at hand, but now is the time for us to be, like little children who do believe.

Come, let's be the promise land, the place of wisdom that is at hand. And my true love, that is you, come be with God (oneness), the sacred view. We each have a gift, to be and stand. Each have a heart to love the land. And we shall be the heart that knows, that only love will fill the rose.

The place we need is left for you, to come to those who do not have a view. Those with closed doors and mistrusting hearts, we say to them, "It's time to start". Forgive them child, and learn to run, over rolling hills, and back again, to eternal dance is upon our souls, when we remember that we are bold.

We shall swarm the mountain tops. We shall roar thunder down below. And we shall be the Army of God, those who remember that love is told. We cannot stop from loving them. We cannot stop from being the wind. And we who know our place within, must trust our hearts, and begin the song. We sing and pray. We sing and dance. We are devout to the land. And when it's over and we've made it home, then we will be in the promise land.

Tears and Vision: dark (vastness of heaven), blue, thin black (horizon), violet, dark again (return to heaven from below) The colors tell me that we are bold, the related family who are not know (those with sin), they seek the heart of heaven sent, but they do not choose the loving wind. There is the will of many men (light of flesh, rainbow warriors of prophecy) who will win again, because their hearts are sent by God, and they will bring heaven down below. Because they are here. Because they are told! (good little children who know the way home, with love in their hearts)

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your devoted servant, Twin Deer Mother
Elder Crystal Person, sent by God, to show you the way home.
Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, the house of the beloved,
who offers us shelter in the wind, with his devoted love, Elder Lavender Person
We are the House of David, the rising star, the perfect part of you within us all . . .

Warriors of the Earth  

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Buffalo Calf Woman Called the Mother of Life, Swelling Mountain Calling Comes to Bring the Story

White Buffalo Calf Woman

White Buffalo Calf Woman's legend is ancient, arising about 2000 years ago, and is central to the spiritual practices of numerous Native American nations. Various, but similar, versions of the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman are told. 

The brief story presented here is based primarily on the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman at various websites as told by Joseph Chasing Horse, Traditional Leader of the Lakota Nation.
“It was told that next time there is chaos and disparity, she would return again. She said she would return as a White Buffalo Calf. Some believe she already has.”

Words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
19th Generation Keeper of the
Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
of the Lakota Nation

White Buffalo Calf Woman

While two warriors were out hunting buffalo, a white buffalo calf appeared. As she approached them she changed into a beautiful young woman . . . which is how she came to be called the White Buffalo Calf Woman.

One of the young warriors offended her with his lustful thoughts, and White Buffalo Calf Woman asked him to approach. As he stepped forward, a black cloud descended over him and when it dissipated all that was left of him was his bones.

The other warrior fell to his knees and began to pray. The White Buffalo Calf Woman told him to return to his people, telling them she would appear to them in four days, bringing with her a sacred bundle.

And this she did, appearing to them as a white buffalo calf descending on a cloud. Stepping down, she rolled over on the ground, changing from white to black, then yellow, then red.

When White Buffalo Calf Woman arose she was once again the beautiful woman, cradling the sacred bundle in her arms.

Spending four days with the people, White Buffalo Calf Woman taught them sacred songs, dances, and ceremonies as well as the traditional ways.

White Buffalo Calf Woman instructed them to be responsible caretakers of the land and to be always mindful that the children are the future of the people.

White Buffalo Calf Woman

On the fourth day White Buffalo Calf Woman left in the same manner she had arrived, telling the people she was leaving the sacred bundle, the White Buffalo Calf Woman pipe, in their care. She promised to one day return for it and to bring harmony and spiritual balance to the world.
White Buffalo Calf Woman prophesied that the birth of a white buffalo calf would be a sign that it was near the time of her return.
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Mother of Life
A beautiful, and different, telling of the story of the White Buffalo Calf Woman is provided by Matthew Richter in American Comments, a web magazine fighting racial hatred and discrimination.  This version tells the story of how a woman called the Mother of Life came to become the White Buffalo Calf Woman and discusses the meaning of the pipe and the prophesy.

According to this legend a young woman, during an enemy attack on her village, saw a toddler injured and ran to cradle him in her arms and comfort him as death approached. Soon, she too was mortally wounded, and her young body crumpled with the young child still cradled in her arms.

Her spirit hurried to catch up with the child's so that she would be there to care for him when they crossed over.  To honor her noble act, the Sioux gave her the name Mother of Life.

Later she appeared as White Buffalo Calf Woman to a young warrior whose troubled heart yearned for a good future for the children, a future without the prospect of continual war and divisiveness, a future of peace.  White Buffalo Calf Woman advised him "to seek the vision of a mother's heart for the love of her children".

White Buffalo Calf Woman gave the pipe into his care, detailing the ways in which the people could learn to grow into responsible keepers of the pipe, cultivating peace and understanding.

One of her gifts was the suggestion that all children be taught to hold baby animals with love and caring, so that as they grow they will learn to love all the other babies of the world.

As she gave her instructions, the white buffalo calf that accompanied the woman rolled over four times, each time changing colors . . . once for each race, first white, then yellow, then red, the black, signifying that we are all members of the same family.

White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart of Debra Swelling Mountain, the Song of All Songs
Debra, the Door who walks away (as the Golden One who must fly away to search for a new land, another world or perish), to find the opening come back again (Finds a new land, a new world).  And in the circle of life begins the song that rumbles and the song that begins.  She is the fountain that springs forth, to purge and begin towards the north, and here the darkness merges with the light, and we are one family we don't have to think twice (Holiness, Sacredness, the return of the Eagle).  Once upon a mountain, once upon the hill, a middle of the tongue goes to and fro and when we see the mountain still and with a hand, we think of the silence that goes round and round (go one way, evolution) (two hands in prayer together, the song).

Now when we put together, that once was before, the song of the mountain, the song of the doors, she calls within to seek her, the calf who knows the way, because it's the fountain, that purges the sin away.  And when the flowing river swells deep within the song, she lifts the mountain higher when all is in song.  And she calls the White Calf Woman and she says, "I love you, where have you been, I have been waiting, for some time with this view."  There inside the mountain, there inside the view, the darkness speak volumes the darkness knows you, and when the light greets her, she says "how do you do", because she knows you, she knows the sacred view.

Go and tell the mountain, go and tell the sun.  go and tell the many who are coming on home.  And when White Calf Woman, comes to sing her lovely song, then all the people will come home, and all will sing a song.  Her name is the Swelling Mountain, her view is the Song, and we call her the "village of those who get along" (she brings brotherhood).  And we of the people know that the song is true, because the Swelling Mountain, has come home with a view.  Come sing upon the mountain, come sing upon the views, and when the song is over, we will sing a new song.  And when we are done singing, we start the dance anew, because White Calf Woman is here to lead us home!

My beloved, my song is for you! Speaks white buffalo calf woman, Sings the heart of a view "Debra", the "Swelling Mountain Calling" (heavenly name), the Song of all Songs (earthly tools)! Her Rainbow Colors of her four sacred directions are Golden, Green, Golden and Gray.
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Song of the Heart Debra Sings, How the House of Daniel Teaches Brotherhood!

The days are long and night are short and I have most of all my morts (the sound of many who come home to sea with a vision of the hearts that sting, the living bee with an impossible dream, flies and flies to find the leaves, our relatives in the dark space of heaven's glow, where we die and are reborn and 'Taught by God' ), and I have one thing I need to do, is go along and swim with you.  Where does the mountains go and where does the flowing know?  And I have one thing for your song, a piece of love that gets along.

Take me by the hand today, and I will show you a better way and we will climb above the seas, and we will find a liberty!  My heart knows you.  My heart has a view and my door is opened for all to view.  And when I see the way to God, then I hope you will find my heart.

Keep smiling the sun does shine.  Keep longing for the sublime.  And I will find you in a day, to bring you home so you can play.  Go out and find a friend.  Go out for a swim and when you reach upon the shore, there I will be waiting more.

You are here to hold my hand.  You are here to understand and when we walk inside the ark (ark of the covenant, where the dream arises from within), then we will hold the mighty land.  The land of promise, the land of views, the land of G_ah_d (voice of heaven transmits), who always knew.  And I will be there to hold your hand, because I really understand.

Take the Angels home with me.  Take the views upon the seas.  And I will swim inside your heart because you are the perfect part.  The star of Angels they do shine.  The star of wisdom and sublime, and we can be the place we need, when we bring brotherhood back to me!

Go and swim and go and be.  Go and see the way of leaves (relatives view the breeze in the house of winds) and we will come home yesterday to find tomorrow and learn to play.  Learn to play.

I say to you, come hold my hand, I say to you let us understand.  And heaven will bring us home again, when we believe in all the leaves (relatives on the tree of life, Oneness).  All the leaves upon the stream (river of life, flowing and knowing), there is madness come home to me.  And tree of life I do believe, for we are part of this sacred tree!

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings the Heart Song of Debra, the House of Daniel who Teaches Brotherhood! Debra the Song she sings brings me back to sea, the heart of longing within the seas, and my heart whispers to you and me where butterflies are where the Song believes.

Warriors of the Earth  

Monday, August 31, 2009

Letter to Arvol Looking Horse From White Buffalo Calf Woman

My Holiness  Arvol Looking Horse who Sits on Mountain Tops,

I am so angry with you, I could spank your bottom (slapping a horse will get him to get gallop as the horse represents the soul journey).  Fly like the wind, get going!  You who is to sit on Mountain Tops, and what do you see?  Nothing below is a flowing river, not even the heart.  (I'm in Mountain View, in the Silicon Valley - crystalline, or the stone river).

You were supposed to look for me, white buffalo calf woman, when the white calves were born, but you did not!  You were to go out to all women who claimed to be white buffalo calf woman, but you did not!  You were supposed to open your door to relatives, but you did not!  And when your gatekeeper came to your door (Eagle Thunder, a Violet person, the voice of God), in my name, you shut the door in my face and refused to see me.  And when I was the child, who searched for my relative, you did not, my Elder! 

And my doorkeepers Abby Quiver (Aqua person, Leader of Men) and her Mother Mrs. Quiver (Rainbow person, Rainbow Mother) both stepped away from me, in front of my face (they left the phone and denied that I was even there, literally).  And it is the Quiver that carries the Arrows (flies with the soul) (Abby), and the Salmon (swims in the stream) (Abby's mother) who returns home, both offered their hearts, then little by little just shut me out.  Not long, when I insisted they practice love, they both turned away. Unwilling to help a sun (Charlie Quiver Younger) and unwilling to help a brother (Eagle Thunder), Lakota my heart, why have you not forgiven? 

This is the child (young soul from heaven, the christal child), the one who sought my elders (of the soul, red man) and when I went to the Floyd Looks For Buffalo Hand, an Oglala Lakota (Referred by another who said he was a Medicine Man) who walks with you.  What did he do, but try to kill me spiritually, with two associates, but they ran for their lives as soon as his light was out.  They could not see me in the darkness, but I can see in the dark, numinous flowing.  I had to repay his kindness by taking his light, and then repairing him back to health, which took a very long week.  This is the greeting I received from my relatives, you forgot who you are.  You did not bless your people, like your soul knows!  You listened to your body, and did not walk the Red Road, the law of love.  Now distant relatives call upon me.  This day, I send word to the Blue Lake People, as Twin Deer Mother, because their body remembered to pray.  Their body, remembered their souls.  Their body was blue, my relative.  

Today, I found out that I am Lakota Sioux, my relative.  So many are remembering, but even I denied my own truth.  I do not wish to claim this hate.  I read what I wrote to another Lakota Sioux months ago, and realized the truth, to sea what I did not see.  There I was, practicing my soul, acting out my heart and learning without relatives who could have held my hand.  No one dare go against you, but I will.  No one never speaks against you, but I will. For you wear the crown of earth, the Lavender Person, and I wear the crown of heaven, the Crystal Person.  We are heaven and earth of the Western Shore, where the Spirit of the Lake arises.  Now I will sing to you.

What did you do, inside the blue?  Where did you go, but to the snow?  What made you stop your prayers each day?  For I can see so much hate in thee?  I know it's been a rough road behind, and I know that you are so blind, but this isn't sharing the fire of light, when you pray together with the pipe.  It was your job to bless every day!  It is your job to pray for all relatives each way!  It was your job to receive all the love you have inside, but you did not listen to the soul that you hide.  And I did wonder how you did it for so long?  And I did wonder how come you don't have a song?  And I did wonder who are you all along, if not a Chief who sings a song! 

My heart seems blinded by your hate, because you did not pray this day.  I know what you do, and I'm not so happy, when the people could be building instead of fighting always.  There is so much to do and so little time.  There are so many coming and I don't know how.  How will I be there when so many need.  I need my Elders to come home to me.  How do you think I will do it without you?  How do you think that I don't have a clue.  For I can answer all you have questions for, for I can talk to any ocean floor. There deep in the valleys where the green grass does grow, is where my heart learns to blossom and grow, but where is the stream that I am waiting for, if you don't start praying like you should this day.

Start taking that pipe out and pray like you should.  Start asking for blessings all hours like you could.  Start to bless all the people with each sound that you make, and stop making promises that you can't keep!  And start opening doors without money, for money is not the commodity.  And you know that the only thing that will help the people home, is love inside the heart to allow us to roam.  I say, I will be here when you come to me, but I won't be happy, to see you in the breeze. For I know how much hate that you carry inside of you, for all the Lakota are acting like you.

It's time my Brother to learn who you are.  It's time my Sisters, who will come far, for woman shall return to keep rule again, just as soon, as the crowns begin to roost (four directions).  And I say, there is much for you to learn, because you don't stand by a fire and learn, instead you wonder why they don't come talk with you, and it's because they are supposed to come talk with me.  You are the judgment of the people in their hearts.  You are the one, who should make the people smart (sting) and you are the One who carries the pipe that I sent, and now I must pray that you can start again.

Why do you hate almost everyone, even the Rainbow Whites who come home. It's time of evolution, now you're gonna use a gun (separation, division) and who do you think it will get all back together again.  It will be a white woman, who came to your door.  She is the Lakota that you wanted more, but you could not sea her because you did not see, the heart of a child, who looked up at thee.  Everyday, I cry like a child.  Everyday I wake up I see all your despise and I wonder how can they really learn to walk again, or even try to run over rolling hills once more.  And now the rolling rivers, the stone of tears, has come today to tell me there are no more tears, they shut off the valve where the heart can sing, no more tears, no more joy,  no song of joy!  How can you seem to live this way?  How can you all turn and walk away?  You speak as if you know the wind, but you just turn around and say, another day, another way, but you won't sing it clear.  Now we have much to do, I say hooray.  I sea how love could open all to sing, but we need more pipes who carry the wind, to the heart of the peoples, no matter what shore brings.

All over the world, the people need me, and I often don't know who are what can sing, but I follow the Great Spirits who guide me each day, and all who are loyal to the blue of the heart. I don't know how to end this, which way do I go, I know I love you more than even I could know, it's heaven that is pouring out of every cell, the heart of the people who so want to know more.  But now, I must bid you good night and good rest, because if you don't get some tired rest and start to pray, I worry for you deer (journey), I worry that your life won't last long with strife.  We must get the people to love each day!  We must get the people to smoke the pipe and pray!  We must have caretakers all over the land, when we send the heart of the pure out into the land. Remember they are called Rainbow Warriors.  Remember they will be loyal to you, and now they have someone who will answer their call, as so many are returning to my heart this day. 

But how long will it take for you to step my way?  And what do I say to hold your heart again?  Because I know that I will not be happy when I see your face, because you had forgotten to pray each day.  Sow my beloved, start using the pipe each day, and bless all the relatives each hour of the day, and don't forget to bless your soul, and arrive each day, for an eagle must learn to land, and look around to prey (find your stillness then you know what you are doing, you remember who you are).

Your devoted White Calf has come this day, and I will sing to all who come my way, and I will be devoted to all the suns, no matter who they are or what color they display.  Your Twin Deer Mother, she is the one you need now this day, these are the tools that the Great spirits gave, and I can say, I love you more even as I say, when are you coming home, my love, when are you coming home?

I had to learn to sing alone, and now I must feel like you, because you don't feel the blue, who need blessings from tears flow for you!

August 31, 2009 White Buffalo Calf Woman, Elder Crystal Person, Wakan Iyeshka or Holy Interpreter

PS. Not happy with Floyd Looks For Buffalo Hand, a Proclaimed Medicine Man (His name too, says he is looking for the hand of god, which means he must do good works, I know he thinks he is, but not with separation.  He is the Violet Person, the voice of God and High Priest)  and Russel Means, a Proclaimed Leader of the Lakota whom go against White People, their father nation and relative also, yet offers his land to White People ways, in order he can control what he does not own (He is an Aqua person and Leader of Men).  Mother Earth owns herself and no Man owns any land, and it shall be Woman who claims the Throne for our Men.  We are servants to the World. Now I have so many Proclaimed White Buffalo Calf Woman, just because you did not go looking for me, in amongst the Stone River.  I must tell them who they are, as all is written, every story of eternal is written in your light, both numinous and luminous.  This is the Book I read, that only speaks TRUTH.  The fifth, the blue, commandments say, to Honor your Father and your Mother, your parents.  Great Spirit Mother and Great Spirit Father guides us to be good little children.  Not go against like so many Native Peoples are doing.  WE need our Father on Earth, the White Man, we need our Mother on Earth, the Black/Blue Man, we need our Brother on Earth, the Yellow Man, and we need our Twin Heart, the Red Man. My beloved, I know you did not sign anything with the IRA (Indian Reorganization Act), because I feel it in my heart.  Take your place as Holiness Arvol Looking Horse and all will be fine, when your heart is with mine, for you have lots to learn for all the world, as we bring the four corners home my beloved!  It is time to come home...over the rolling hills of time, whispering to us, come home...

Warriors of the Earth